Eddie says, “it’s like going to gym, a gym for your mind. And in the beginning, no one likes exercising when they first start. Obviously, there are a few exceptions, but the same is true with meditation. It’s really, really freaking hard to develop a meditation practice. But once you do, and once you’re doing it, you sort of get runners high and it becomes this sort of beautiful practice and you have a beautiful relationship with your cushion or your bench because you’re sitting on it for so long.”

Today we interview Eddie Cohen, Founder of Walden. Walden creates products to inspire ritual, encourage the present moment, and honor tactility. Their products help create space for the self.

We discuss:

* Why he’s grateful
* The story of his 10 day meditation retreat and what he learned
* Arriving at a fork in the road with his career
* An overview of the brand and the difficulty in launching
* Product philosophy and the story behind the Candle clock
* Product reviews including meditation cushion, bench, essential oils, aromas, and timer
* His thoughts on meditation apps like calm
* Plans for the future
* How has meditation helped him
* Why design is so important to him
* Building a brand from an idea
* Quite hours and rituals
* Why gratefulness is so important

Join Ramon Vela and Eddie Cohen, as we break down the inside story of Walden on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Walden, visit: https://walden.us/

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