“Energy and hydration any time” that’s what gravitates the younger generation towards Wake Up Water. In part 2, Tyler Dooley, Founder and CEO of Wake Up Water, adds that their product also helps with hangovers.

Lemon, orange, and coconut are their winning flavors after testing dozens of flavors. They are still testing out new flavors. The brand also wants to focus on immunity, amino acids, probiotics, and other additional functionality in the near future.

He suggests that driving traffic to the site is difficult so it’s best to use Amazon to acquire more customers. People on Amazon are shopping with a purpose; that’s why being on Amazon helps grow the business.

The company is focusing on increasing reach organically, building community, and establishing in the right way with the right partners.

He talked about:

* Flavors at Wake Up Water
* Product functionality
* Recommendation on Amazon
* Combating privacy, cookies, and performance marketing
* The Next 6 months

Join Ramon Vela and Tyler Dooley as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Wake Up Water, visit: https://drinkwakeupwater.com/

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