Joseph says, “Universe is an app on your phone that allows you to build a totally custom website in minutes with no technical skill or capital required. And you can make any kind of website. But more often than not, people are making website for their new brands. So if you are an upstart fashion designer or you make ceramics or you are a baker, you now have a tool that allows you to bring that brand into the world to shape a presence online that looks exactly like your creative vision.”

He goes on to say, “It also allows you to facilitate commerce. So we built our own commerce engine that is far easier to use than any other tool. It’s completely mobile first, so you can do it entirely on your phone. You can build an inventory, transact and ship goods all from our service. So it’s a website builder, but really it’s a business in a box.”

Today, we interview Joseph Cohen, Founder & CEO of is the first website builder and commerce platform built for mobile devices.

We discuss:

* Why he’s grateful
* Creating something from nothing is overcoming inertia
* Overview of the app and origin story
* Why it’s more like a business in a box
* Inspired by Snapchat and Instagram
* Building a platform for the iPhone generationpa
* How do you empower and encourage people to create?
* Why it’s like Internet Legos
* How it works, code blocks and support
* Case studies of brands that have launched on
* Why influencers love it and why it’s unlike any tool on the market
* Why the world needs creators

Join Ramon Vela and Joseph Cohen, as we break down the inside story of on The Story of a Brand.

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