Clara says, “taste is paramount, in terms macros or nutrition content, for me it’s always been about being under 200 calories, 10 grams of protein, high fiber. All the things that a nutritionist would tell you to look for because my product has to do a job. It’s not just a fun snack, Even though it is fun and it’s fun to eat, it has to actually keep you full. It has to get you through mid afternoon slump or get you from breakfast to lunch and keep you full.”

She goes on to say, “the way I test for those things is I test them on my kids, because children are the best consumer market because they don’t lie and they don’t pander and they will only eat things that they actually like.”

Today we interview Clara Paye, Founder of UNiTE Food. Our mission is to UNiTE people using food as an instrument of inclusion. They make globally inspired flavors with wholesome, gluten-free ingredients and superfoods for a nourishing, high-protein snack.

We discuss:

* Her gratefulness for her media exposure when they launched
* Her experience launching the brand during the pandemic
* How she went from plumbing to Food & Beverage
* The origins of the brand
* Her lessons learned in launching a retail brand
* Her retail partner strategy
* An overview of her products including flavors and recipe philosophy
* How her bars are a tool for wellness and more
* Why she believes that wellness can be profitable
* What Clara’s most proud
* Her struggles with ADD
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela and Clara Paye, as we break down the inside story of UNiTE Food on The Story of a Brand.

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