Few people understood the benefits of organic food, but that didn’t deter Matt McLean from pursuing his dream of creating a top-selling organic orange juice brand. Matt is the founder and Chief Uncle at Uncle Matt’s Organic, America’s No. 1, selling organic orange juice.

Matt grew up in the citrus industry in Florida, where the business was passed on from generation to generation. Determined to make his mark outside of citrus, he went to college to study business, and after graduating, he started an import-export business. But when he saw an opportunity for organic juice in the United States, he couldn’t resist. So, Uncle Matt’s Organic was founded in June 1999.

For Matt, finding organic citrus juice in Florida to supply in bulk and manufacturing were the biggest challenges in the beginning. The brand has seen many ups and downs, from starting in the backyard to raising capital and getting sold. But the company was finally repurchased from bankruptcy.

In part 1, Matt talks about:

* Gratefulness for a business mentor who had the patience to guide him through the business’s early days.
* Overview of the brand.
* Early days of Uncle Matt’s.
* Challenges in the beginning.
* When things went sour with citrus.

Join Ramon Vela and Matt McLean as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Uncle Matt’s Organic, visit: https://www.unclematts.com/

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