“We think of ourselves as being in the business of discovering better coffee,” says Mike Lackman, CEO of Trade Coffee. This brand delivers fresh, sustainably sourced coffee monthly from the best roasters in the nation.

Coffee is a huge customer category that almost seems musical to Mike. He joined Trade Coffee due to the relationship, origin, quality of products, and consumers’ need for personalized coffee. The brand helps customers discover the perfect experience, and for that, it works with the best roasters. The roasters also benefit too by increased awareness, access to more customers, and increased sales.

Trade Coffee takes every coffee bag very seriously. In this way, they earn trust from their customers, and their customers, in turn, trust them with their next bag of coffee.

In part 1, Mike discusses:

* What he’s grateful for
* Overview of the brand
* Why he joined Trade Coffee
* The value they offer top roasters
* How the brand uses data
* Criteria for roasters
* Opportunities in the industry

Join Ramon Vela and Mike Lackman as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on Trade Coffee, visit: https://www.drinktrade.com/

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