In the second half of our Feature, Margaret Wishingrad, Founder and CEO of Three Wishes, says their mission is to create cereal with less sugar and deliver great taste.

Margaret talks about the challenges of finding the right taste as it’s challenging to get something high in protein, and without any grain behind it, to puff and become a cereal. It takes technical knowledge, machinery, hard work, as well as lots of time.

Margaret mentions that in the future, like the present, the brand will continue to build trust and create an exciting community for its consumers.

She speaks on:

* Cereal that’s great for children (and Adults)
* Where to find Three Wishes
* Challenges of taste
* What next for the brand
* New flavors
* How they survived in pandemic

Join Ramon Vela and Margaret Wishingrad as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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