“The energy you’re projecting out to the world is the energy you attract in the end,” says María Cebrían Fernández, Founder and CEO of Terraseed. In part 2, she talks about the pandemic, which led to more awareness in health & wellness and environmental impact.

She recommends that one must be aware and embrace the fear always present at the beginning of any business. One needs to convince themselves of the success of the venture and picture the result.

In hard times, building strength and not giving up becomes difficult. In such a situation, María’s mantra is to stay focused as well as positive.

In part 2, she talks about:

* Suggestions for those starting mission-driven businesses
* Living in Covid times
* Her mantra during hard times
* The Concept of happiness and points of alignment
* Description of Terraseed products
* Sustainable and ethical supplements
* The Long-term product roadmap
* Launch of their new campaign

Join Ramon Vela and María Cebrían Fernández as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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