Edouard says, “our mission is to be stay brand ambassadors of Naples and we are not going to change that. And if I have to have lower profitability because I am using the best ingredients, I will do that. And if I have to stay in Naples and pay astronomical ocean freight, which is what is happening now with the logistical crisis, I will do that. I want to be able to go to bed at night and know that I am making an authentic Neapolitan pizza, period. Otherwise I will do something else.”

Today we interview Edouard Freda, Founder & CEO of Talia di Napoli. Tali di Napoli offers people authentic Neapolitan pizza – made in Italy, by master pizzaiolos, using local, all-natural ingredients.

Edouard’s approach to making the high quality pizza is rare in the frozen pizza market. He says “it’s not a very capitalistic approach because when we pick ingredients, we go by taste and not buy price. And that’s a mistake, if you ask any buyer. However, when we try the ingredients and we fall in love with them, and we look at the price, we’re like, Oh, wow that’s four times what we thought but we’re ready to pay for the quality.”

We discuss:

* Grateful for the family business and the trust they place on him
* Overview of the brand
* How he got started
* The opportunity they saw in the market
* Why they want to bring Naples to the world
* Breakdown of their model from craftsmanship to quality control to their unique freezing process
* Why following the Neapolitan Pizza Guide is so critical to them
* What he means by the “sleeping pizza”
* Why their approach is not aggressively capitalistic
* The story of the Margherita pizza
* How they choose their local ingredients
* Review of the products

Join Ramon Vela and Edouard Freda as we break down the inside story of Talia di Napoli on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Talia di Napoli, visit: https://www.taliadinapoli.com/

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