“We don’t want to first and foremost say we’re plant-based. We want to say we taste good and there’s no sacrifice between us and say an animal protein chicken nugget”, says Dave Zilko, Co-founder of Skinny Butcher, a Plant-based poultry brand that offers breakthrough Soy-Free and Palm Oil Free Plant-Based Proteins that win on branding and taste profile.

The story of Skinny Butcher starts decades ago with Garden Fresh Gourmet, a brand Dave and his previous co-founder took from zero to 100 million and eventually sold to Campbell Soups for nearly a quarter of a billion dollars.

In today’s episode, Dave breaks down the product & flavor philosophy, the sustainability focus, the marketing and branding strategy, and the innovative tactics he’s using to launch and distrubute the Skinny Butcher to consumers everywhere. Dave also shares many of the entrepreneurial practices, strategies, and concepts, found in his book, “Irrational Persistence,” that made his first company a huge success.

In this feature, we discuss:

* How to find a great product and market
* What makes a great food and beverage brand
* Why he thinks you should sell your company not the product
* Whether you should manufacturer your own product or outsource
* Advice to other Entrepreneurs
* Why founders should not fear the recession
* Why the Skinny Butcher competes on branding and Flavor profile
* Why he is offering Skinny Butcher in both retail and virtual kitchens

Join Ramon Vela and Dave Zilko as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Skinny Butcher, visit: https://skinnybutcher.com/ 

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Interesting in his book, “Irrational Persistence: Seven Secrets That Turned a Bankrupt Startup Into a $231,000,000 Business,” you can find it here:  

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