“Consumers love authenticity,” so Single Origin Food Co., ensures quality to its customers. In the second half of this Feature, Belal El-Banna, CEO and Co-Founder of Single Origin Food Co., also suggests entrepreneurs believe in what they do. He further points out the problem of greenwashing.

He mentions the reasons behind their interest in honey. They wanted to benefit farmers,, and that’s when they noticed the sugar byproduct. To improve the producer’s revenue streams,, they asked them to process this byproduct into something that mimics honey. Being in touch with the farmers allowed them to access age-old expertise and innovation.

Single Origin Food Co. tries to enrich people’s lives, and in the future, they are planning to launch their plus range of products.

He talks about:

* How they brought innovation in honey
* Suggestions for entrepreneurs
* Plans for other products
* Factor of taste
* Their foundation products
* Brand’s cooking slab

Join Ramon Vela and Belal El-Banna as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Single Origin Food Co, visit: https://thesofco.com/

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