Shaker & Spoon aims to be the closest translation between the best craft cocktails globally and people’s homes. The brand, an e-commerce subscription box service featuring cocktail recipes and ingredients, was co-founded by Anna Gorovoy and Mike Milyavsky.

The brand has an elevator pitch: “Blue Apron for cocktails.”

“We work with really great award-winning bartenders to create original recipes for our box, so you’re getting something special and exclusive,” Anna says.

As Anna calls it, Shaker & Spoon’s “360 experience” includes music playlists, food pairings from bartenders, and even virtual happy hours.

“It’s not just the box – I like to say that it’s a whole lifestyle,” Anna says. “We have a community Facebook group, 16,000 members and growing that is just hopping every day. … I’m proud of what we’re doing because it brings a lot of joy to people.”

From an entrepreneurship point of view, both Anna and Mike had previous experience running businesses. Still, they craved the opportunity to create a physical product inspired by the craft cocktail scene.

The partners quickly realized that the brand shouldn’t provide the actual alcohol – the red tape and varying liquor laws are too challenging.

“Anybody can get a bottle of vodka or whiskey,” Mike says. “What we (do) is to showcase what a spirit can do.”

In Part 1, Anna and Mike talk about:
* Gratitude for the small business community in New York.
* Why the brand is “Blue Apron for cocktails.” The box supplies the recipes and ingredients – the customer recreates the cocktails at home.
* How the COVID pandemic helped fuel the brand’s growth.
* How the Facebook community is also a vital part of the brand’s identity.
* Members coordinated a Zoom meet-up event in 2021 with groups meeting up in person or online across the country.
* How the company worked with hospitals and other essential businesses during the pandemic to provide support.
* Why community and connection are at the brand’s core, sharing a story about a Florida member who traveled up the East Coast and met fellow members along the way.
* Why the brand doesn’t provide the actual alcohol but instead focuses on the recipe and ingredients.

Join Ramon Vela, Anna Gorovoy and Mike Milyavsky as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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