“Boots have always been rooted in heritage,” as Jared mentions. There are hiking boots, construction boots, steel toe, etc.

Although Jared and Adam noticed, there isn’t a modern boot for those merely walking around the city.

In today’s episode, we’re sitting down with Co-Founders Jared Ray Johnson and Adam Klein to talk about what it takes to create a modern boot with their brand Season Three.

The two MIT students took everything they hated about the average boot to create everything they love about their boot, The Ansel. The Ansel, any person, could have effective, durable footwear that is sleek enough to be worn from the streets to “the museum.”

Listen in as we talk about renovating the purpose of our boots.

In part 2, Jared and Adam discuss Their mentor experience; The hundred-foot overview of Season Three; Building an “outdoor lifestyle brand”; Jared and Ray’s journey at MIT; Choosing “the boot” category as a jump into the shoe market; Creating the modern boot for the everyday wear; and much more.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Jared and Adam for The Story of a Brand, and listen to them share the inside story.

For more on Season Three, visit: https://seasonthree.com/

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