In part 1, we have Siouxie Boshoff, also known as the Gummy Queen, Founder & CEO of Scrummy Sweets.

Siouxie had a very successful career of 20 years as CEO of a digital marketing company. Due to a health condition, she prefers to follow a ketogenic lifestyle. She longed for sweets, but they had to be ones that followed her dietary restrictions.

In 2020, she iterated her gummy recipe 64 times and struck gold with her guilt-free snack. Her 12 years grandson loved the gummy bears and said, “There’s no way these don’t have sugar.” She and her husband knew they were on to something since kids are generally transparent about their taste.

She also talked about :

* Figuring out what is important to people
* Talking to a lot of people about creating a snack brand
* Being inflexible with quality of ingredients
* How to turn an idea into a business
* Persistence

Join Ramon Vela and Siouxie Boshoff as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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