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Today, we interview Joe Fox, Global VP of Partnerships and Joe Santillan, Regional Growth Manager of REVIEWS.io. REVIEWS.io is a powerful review collection and management tool that helps businesses grow their online reputation.

We discussed:

* What they’re grateful for
* What trend they are seeing in the market
* How REVIEWS.io works with multiple channels
* Why you should audit your tech stack more frequently
* How they work with agencies and tech partners
* What sets them apart from competitors?
* Onboarding from a brand’s perspective
* What is their vision for the future?
* Integrations like Rebuy Engine, Gorgias, and Dotdigital
* What other platform they work with
* Future Product Launches
* Advice and insights around user generated content
* Case studies and customer success stories
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela, Joe Fox and Joe Santillan as we break down the inside story of REVIEWS.io on The Story of a Brand.

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