Reach for more sustainable options, says Caroline Cotto, COO of Renewal Mill, in the second half of this Feature. She points out that it’s essential to educate consumers. In their case, education was a challenge because people had never heard of upcycling. So, she advises other brands to find their community and use collective actions to further momentum.

Caroline gives an account of the timeline of the Renewal Mill. In 2016, the brand was started. In 2018, they commercialized their first ingredient, and last year right before the pandemic, they launched their baking mix. The newest addition is a brownie mix launched in March of 2021.

Renewal Mill wants to continue adding new ingredients to its portfolio. It’s always interested in what people want and what’s missing in the market.

In part 2, Caroline talks about:

* Advice for those trying to build sustainable brands
* Promotion in pandemic
* When they launched
* Plant-based products
* Retails
* Video content
* Her message

Join Ramon Vela and Caroline Cotto as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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