Realea is a skincare brand rooted in the traditions of medicinal alchemy, but focused on using plant-based products and some materials produced by animals, says Nick Grossenbacher, co-founder and Head of Product at the brand.

“There’s a phrase in alchemy, which is ‘Let nature be your guide,’ or ‘The alchemist follows in the footsteps of nature,” Nick says. “If you go back far enough at a certain point, what became the modern pharmaceutical industry and what is now this kind of alternative practice of modern alchemy have a common origin.”

To that end, Realea’s products have a foot in nature’s history and modern ingredients. Three of Realea’s five products, for example, use oil of egg yolk, which is rich in retinol, a vital vitamin supplement.

Other active ingredients in Realea’s products have similarly unique, historical connections to alchemy.

In Part 1, Nick talks about:

* Gratitude toward his landlord, who believed in his vision and became one of the company’s first investors.
* His unusual career path as a Ph.D. student studying pre-modern systems of medicine.
* An explanation of alchemy.
* Why substances produced by animals are so important.
* The importance of retinol and its possible sources.

Join Ramon Vela and Nick Grossenbacher as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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