In the second part of this Feature, Emma Fuerst Frelinghuysen, CEO of R.E.D.D., dives into the brand’s intricacies, from their products, business outlook, and much more.

Emma talks enthusiastically about why plant-based food is making an impact and changing the food industry.

She speaks passionately about Alden Blease, the founder of R.E.D.D., and how he formulates the products. She also breaks down the products and how the complex formulation strives towards a tastier yet healthier snacking alternative.

So, join Ramon Vela and Emma and learn about how healthy plant-based food is now available on the go with R.E.D.D. Bar.

In part 2, we discuss: How the pandemic affected the brand; How the snack bars are made tasty; How R.E.D.D. is healthier than other snack bars; How plant-based food is making an impact; Words for young entrepreneurs out there; How R.E.D.D. is improving and upgrading; How social media helped the business; and so much more.

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