Amy says, “every element of building this product, whether in the device or in the consumable side, or in the formulations itself and your packaging, every detail, is something we’re extremely proud of, that we’ve really looked at every detail to say, how can we integrate to make one really amazing experience for what whomever our consumer base is.”

Today, we interview Amy Buckalter, Founder of Pulse. Pulse™ is the first-ever touchless personal lubricant warmer and dispenser. Gone are the days of messy, sticky, cold tubes and bottles of lubricant. Pulse’s patent pending heating technology warms your lubricant to the ideal temperature.

We discuss:

* What she’s grateful for
* How she approaches raising funds and meeting with investors
* The vision and transformative nature of the brand
* The Pulse Vision explained
* Hiring a PhD to survey women and their issues and needs
* The biases she confronted with investors
* Why 54% of purchases are from Men
* Review of their product development and design
* Why many lubricants are harmful and what they do differently
* How their formulations have FDA approval
* Their secret sauce and more…

Join Ramon Vela and Amy Buckalter as we break down the inside story of Pulse on The Story of a Brand.

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