By now, you’ve probably seen the Godzilla vs Kong trailer that showed Mechagodzilla making a cameo at the end. Yes, the cybernetic extraterrestrial villain will be part of the upcoming monster movie. What kind of havoc will he create? How much destruction will he bring? We have no idea. However, you can have the bionic monster bring that mayhem to your own toy collection with the Playmates Godzilla vs Kong Giant Mechagodzilla.

That’s right, you can have the alien beast sow destruction and devastation in your own tabletop cities, wrecking buildings and maiming inhabitants while he beckons for Godzilla to show up and stop him. Whether you’re a longtime kaiju connoisseur, a fan of contemporary monster films, or just a fan of cool toys, this thing gives you a monstrous action figure you’ll love adding to your collection.