Desiree says, “I am my customer. I’m that millennial who is shopping for myself or my partner for my home, wanting to introduce products that are better for me, that are better for the environment. I think the best thing we’ve done is really listening to our customers and see what it is they want next or make more of what they love and that’s how we’ve been able to grow.”

Today we interview Desiree Gaitan-Buchanan, Founder Poplinen. Poplinen is a size-inclusive, American-made clothing brand dedicated to making better fitting, beautiful, timeless tops for women. Poplinen is a member of 1% for the Planet and donates 1% of all sales to Step Up, a non-profit that propels teen girls living or going to school in under-resourced communities to fulfill their potential by empowering them to become confident, college-bound, and career-focused.

We discuss:

* Gratefulness for her pattern maker
* Overview of Poplinen
* Why she is willing to suffer for her passions
* How she learned on the go
* Why she considers herself her customer
* How she supports size inclusivity
* Challenges in business, including starting small, incubator, imposter syndrome, and more
* What she has sacrificed in growing the company
* The Poplinen Design Philosophy
* Why they drop 3 items per season
* Review of materials
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela and Desiree Gaitan-Buchanan, as we break down the inside story of Poplinen on The Story of a Brand.

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