“We’re trying to replace the sweetness you find in other beverages” says Candace since people love their sweets. In part 2, Candice Crane, Founder and CEO and Aaron Crane, Co-Founder of Petal mentions botanicals are ancient elixirs that are good for the body.

Petal is clean, organic, caffeine-free, it can be versatile because you can enjoy it any time of day. Ingredients like extracts from botanicals, fruits, herbs, and slightly sweetened petals set Petal apart from other beverages. Candice and Aaron perfected their batch by listening to consumers and introducing new flavors.

The brand was mostly a grocery channel at the start of the pandemic. However, their direct-to-consumer website took off after its launch in covid times. Lastly, Candice advises people to be persistent when dealing with challenges.

They talked about:

* Ingredients
* How botanicals are incorporated
* Their best sellers
* Difficulty in pandemic
* Where to Buy
* Candice’s advice

Join Ramon Vela, Candice Crane, and Aaron Crane as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Petal, Visit: https://drinkpetal.com/

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