In the second part of this Feature, we sit back down with Brooke Travis, CMO of Parsley Health. Parsley Health is a healthcare brand that provides personalized doctor-led care and support for chronic conditions, online or in-person.

Brooke shares with us that Parsley Health serves many people suffering from chronic conditions or symptoms. Most interesting, people come to Parsley because they are frustrated with their current healthcare. As Brooke mentions, “Their primary care doctor who can’t help them, somebody’s not listening to them. Most people come to us frustrated. They’re hugely disillusioned by the health care system. They have not gotten answers to their questions, and they are so sick of feeling not well.”

Join Ramon Vela and Brooke as they breakdown the inside story of Parsley Health.

In part 2, we discuss Getting into the customer’s shoes; Parsley Health case studies; Why genetic testing; Why you deserve the attention of 1 on 1 care; How they reduce the dependency on medication and pills; A Tour of the Parsley Health process; Why they offer a FREE trial; and much more.

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