“Respiratory protection that is safe, effective, reusable, and tough” that’s what OCTO creates. In part 1, we have Natasha Duwin and Tobias Franoszek, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of OCTO, a safety device brand.

Both Natasha and Tobias had experience starting, building, and selling companies in the software space. They saw an opportunity for OCTO respiratory masks (ORM) after coming across the government’s initiative for the SARS outbreak. They initially planned to launch their first product in 2020, but the pandemic pushed their product prototype timeline to 2021. Undeterred, they found a way to manufacture masks themselves.

OCTO gives a significant discount to frontline workers, janitors, delivery drivers, and many more. OCTO Respiratory Mask’s reuse aspect makes them different from other brands.

They discussed:

* Gratefulness
* Overview of the brand
* Their background
* Why OCTO
* Feedback during pandemic
* Supply chain issues
* Similarities to Software Development
* Lessons learned

Join Ramon Vela, Natasha Duwin, and Tobias Franoszek as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on OCTO, visit: https://octosafety.com/ 

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