Gilad says, “We’re not just applying the science of warm up, refresh and recovery to athletes but to weekend warriors and average people. People who may never have thought that they should look at what we’re doing at Hyperice. Maybe someone who thought I’m just gonna grow old slowly, and it is what it is. Instead, we’re giving them an option and reason to reevaluate what’s possible. Showing them they can continue to do the things they enjoy and feel really fantastic while doing them.”

Today we interview Gilad Jacobs, Chief Innovation Officer at Hyperice, Inc., and Founder of Normatec Recovery. Normatec by Hyperice uses dynamic air compression to create a restorative massage that is shown to increase circulation and help you warm up, recover, and feel refreshed faster. It’s made for professional athletes and consumers alike.

We discuss:

* Origin story: the story of a brilliant woman, scientist, and mother
* Exclusive: The Israel Mop Story
* How Normatec was exclusively a medical device company
* How his mother prepared him for business
* His mother’s sage career advice
* How he started in sports with “two Normatec machines and $5,000”
* How it started with the University of Florida
* How athletes discovered they could use Normatec for both recovery and pre-performance
* Meeting the founder of Hyperice
* How Normatec works with consumers and weekend warriors
* Review of products, including Normatec Go and Core
* How, where, and when to get started with Normatec by Hyperice

Join Ramon Vela and Gilad Jacobs as we break down the inside story of Normatec by Hyperice on The Story of a Brand.

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