“We craft elevated bags and accessories to keep professionals organized on the go,” tells Vanessa Jeswani, Co-Founder of Nomad Lane, along with her husband, Kish Vasnani. Nomad Lane is a travel bags, and accessories brand previously featured on The Story of a Brand Show.

Travel is the heart of the relationship for this entrepreneur couple. However, like most people, the pandemic forced them to make changes. In lockdown, they moved back to Miami from Bali to be closer to customers & staff. Nomad Lane is also introducing a new 4-in-1 convertible bag called the Origami Convertible Tote.

She talks about:

* Grateful for her husband’s support
* Overview of the brand
* Surviving 2020
* Her advice for entrepreneurs
* The benefits of living in Bali
* Running a business while being a wife and mother

Join Ramon Vela and Vanessa Jeswani as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on Nomad Lane, visit: https://nomadlane.com/

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