In the first part of this Feature, we interview Ashley Thompson, Co-Founder & CEO of MUSH.  Mush is a health food company that makes, distributes, and markets foods that are great for you.

She recalls that she never really thought of herself as an entrepreneur. When she was young, her sister was diagnosed with type one diabetes, which started Ashley’s path down healthy foods. That’s where it all started.Ashley previously worked a big job in finance. Due to time restraints, she would make oatmeal in the evening and take it to work for breakfast the following morning. This left her wondering if she could commercialize this product. She then left her job to follow her dream.

Even when things were tough, she used that as fuel to fight through to achieve her dream.

In Part 1, we hear how the idea started, the romanticism of taking a risk and starting your own business, and the stress associated with it.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews Ashley and listen to her share the inside story.

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