Harry says, “I think the part about the company that really excites me is the things that we have done to provide resources and experiences for people to fulfill their full potential. We launched a mentoring program last year. Our goal is to personally one-on-one mentor, thousands of people, where we’re providing them with one-on-one connection with outsiders, experts, mentors to help them overcome whatever’s getting in their way of achieving what they want to achieve.”

Today, we interview Harry Arnett, Co-founder & CEO of MUNICIPAL. MUNICIPAL was created to inspire, build & showcase a community of self-made, unstoppable people.

Simply put, MUNICIPAL is a mindset. It pushes you to make big things happen. Nothing is given. Everything is earned. Commit to your dream. Put in the reps. And be unstoppable.

Co-founded by Mark Wahlberg, the Sport Utility Gear they create will give you the comfort, style and versatility that you need to pursue your full potential.

We discussed:

* What he’s grateful for
* Deciding to be an entrepreneur
* Wanting the brand to be much more than a transaction
* Mark Wahlberg and the brand ethos: be unstoppable & make big things happen in your life
* His background and origin story
* Redefining how people see and experience comfort
* Their focus: clothing that says something about you
* Their mentoring program and turning their ethos into reality
* A breakdown of the materials and men’s and women’s line
* What’s he most proud of about the brand?
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela and Harry Arnett as we break down the inside story of MUNICIPAL on The Story of a Brand.

For more on MUNICIPAL, visit: https://municipal.com/

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