Mother Raw was born from a simple idea – “why can’t your salad dressing be as healthy as the salad,” says CEO Kristi Knowles. That’s why the company’s motto is “Put good on good.”

Kristi wanted to use the company’s focus on nutrition and wellness to impact the larger population and environment.

Coping with fear is a common challenge for entrepreneurs, Kristi says, and she certainly felt it as someone moving from a large corporate environment to a smaller operation. But what helped her push through was the support she got from others around her.

In Part 1, she talks about:

* Her support from her own “Fab Five,” a group of female business executives in the food manufacturing industry.
* How it makes more sense to eat a plant-based diet – whether for health, animal welfare, or sustainability.
* Her entrance to the company was initially intended to help extend the brand.
* How belief in Mother Raw’s product and mission provided the necessary “belief” to overcome any fears.
* How her diet evolved from plant-based to vegetarian to vegan.

Join Ramon Vela and Kristi Knowles as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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