Jeff says, “when we set out to create this company, we decided we were going to build a brand at the forefront of high performance. And that doesn’t mean just building a supplement brand or a product brand. That means to build a brand with real differentiated things. Doing the hard things first.”

Today, they serve a broad range of consumers. Basically, their consumer is anybody who’s looking for that continuous pursuit of optimization. Someone who says every day, “How do I get a bit better mindset, body, whatever that may be?”

In this episode, we interview Jeff Byers, Co-Founder and CEO of Momentous. Momentous is a human performance company dedicated to creating no-compromise products and tools that support the endless improvement of personal performance. They’ve won 8 defense contracts for innovation. They work with over 200 pro and college teams and have worked with the best scientist in the country to develop their products.

We discuss so many topics, including:

* Jeff’s gratefulness for his college injury and what he learned from the experience
* His take on what defines us as human beings: our challenges
* Having the humility to ask for help
* Who is Momentous the brand and who are its consumers
* Why it was crucial for them to do the hard things first when building the brand
* Why this it’s unheard and important that they have won 8 defense contracts for innovation and work with over 200 pro and college teams
* How do people choose the right products?
* Advice for entrepreneurs, including why the inability to learn fast can kill you
* His origin story and how does brand and a person stay authentic
* Creating a systematic approach for consumers
* What’s important for consumers to know about optimization

Join Ramon Vela and Jeff Byers as we break down the inside story of Momentous on The Story of a Brand.

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