Where do you go to find a female plumber? That was the “aha” moment when the founders of Matriarchy Build thought, “wouldn’t it be cool to create a community and a resource for people looking for female plumbers, electricians and contractors?” They figured if this was something they wanted, perhaps other women might want this too.

In today’s episode, we interview Gabriella Ainslie and Lacey Soslow, Co-founders of Matriarchy Build. Matriarchy Build creates a space to talk with a diverse group of women about renovation, design and DIY projects. Think of it as “tele-health but for DIY” where women (and everyone else) could get honest advice and feedback and feel empowered to get their home project done.

In today’s episode, we discussed:

* Gratefulness for experiencing the tough moments of their life, because those experiences have turned into some great unforgettable lesson which empowered them later on
* How they got the idea for the brand and why the brand exist
* How Lacey and Gabriella met
* How networking, in the beginning, was challenging
* How this company is not just selling a particular service,they are selling trust
* What were the most challenging parts for them before establishing this brand?
* Their advice for their younger selves?
* How a consumer uses their service and platform
* How a pro applies to work on the platform
* Their future vision
* What are the main types of projects they handle?

Join Ramon Vela and Gabriella Ainslie and Lacey Soslow, Co-Founders of Matriarchy Build as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Matriarchy Build, visit: https://matriarchybuild.com/

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