Allison McNamara‘s background with makeup artists, celebrities, and influencers helped create an instant demand for her Mara line of clean skincare products when they launched.

“I’m impressed that people were buying it and loving it,” she says. “Much of that’s from my background and the relationships I had before launching the brand.”

Based on her experiences so far, Allison has words of wisdom for fellow entrepreneurs who might be considering starting a new brand.

“I believe you go through everything because you need to go through it, and you learn from it,” she says. “Everything will happen in due time, and you’re going to be presented with the opportunities you’re ready for.”

Mara’s products themselves are gender- and carbon-neutral. It’s also a skincare line that doesn’t require many steps.

“Everything fits into one of three categories: cleanse, treat and hydrate,” Allison says.

Details about future product launches are closely held secrets, but Allison says they will likely do something in the treatment and body categories.

In Part 2, Allison talks about:

* How her background helped initial marketing efforts.
* The target audience of Mara.
* How people find out about the brand.
* Advice for fellow entrepreneurs
* A closer look at Mara products.
* A tour of the Mara website.
* Where consumers can find the products.

Join Ramon Vela and Allison McNamara as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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