If we have fun, the business will do well, says Sarah Miyazawa LaFleur, Founder, and CEO of M.M.LaFleur, a clothing and personal styling brand for professional women.

Sarah had zero background in fashion and was not even interested in Fashion before starting M.M.LaFleur. Instead, she had a background working for a non-profit in South Africa and a private equity firm in New York. But couldn’t find a passion for her work. That changed when she began visiting the Garment District of New York and learning about the fabric industry.

In her journey, she understood that being a person that motivates a team is an important job. Along with this, she realized the significance of bringing out good energy every day and self-care. Thinking of things that you are grateful for is crucial to stop the negative loop.

In the first part, Sarah talks about:

* Gratefulness.
* The role her Japanese mother played in her approach to business.
* How she manages the feeling of being grounded, stress, and anxiety.
* What pushed her to what she’s doing now.

Join Ramon Vela and Sarah Miyazawa LaFleur as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on M.M. LaFleur, visit: https://mmlafleur.com/

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