The world’s a better place when women succeed – that’s the motto of M.M.LaFleur, says Sarah Miyazawa LaFleur, Founder and CEO of M.M.LaFleur. In the second half, she describes how circumstances pushed her to start the brand.

The brand creates beautiful designs focused on practical elements through constant conversations with customers and their evolving needs – especially during the pandemic when many women had to find new jobs. M.M.LaFleur makes it a mission to make interview outfits that are practical but professional.

Their 2013 clothing is different from 2017 and still different from 2021 because fashion is constantly changing. When once dresses were the preferred style, today it’s pants and suits.

In part 2, Sarah talks about:

* Taking the “chore” out of fashion shopping.
* The company’s approach to creating clothes.
* Functionality away from the workplace.
* The way the company has harnessed customer interaction as a top strategy.

Join Ramon Vela and Sarah Miyazawa LaFleur as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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