As Darian Khosravi Says, you are an accumulation of all good and bad decisions you have made. Some will give you prosperity and some lead you to failure. He’s a firm believe that if he’s going to fail, he’s going to fail first and often because he knows it’s going to get him closer to the solution.

In today’s episode, we interview Darian Khosravi, President and CEO of Kosmo’s Q as he explains his vision behind his Barbeque brand Kosmo’s Q. Kosmo’s Q is recreating the food we eat at home by enhancing the flavor it already has. Darian or Kosmo, as his friends call him, strongly asserts that “What you’re gonna learn by eating a steak with Kosmo’s Q is that it will ruin your experience of eating steak made with anything else.”

We have discussed different topics in today’s episode these are-

* How he is grateful to a lady at the hospital who has always shown him love, compassion and kindness toward Darian in a certain period of his life, when he had nothing much to be grateful for
* His spiritual experience behind the decision to start the brand
* What the Kosmo’s Q brand is all about
* What is Competition Barbeque?
* His view on leadership
* How he discovered his superpower and how it changed his life
* How the company started with two products
* How he risked his own money
* How, in the beginning, other people saw him as a threat
* How if you want to learn about barbeque jump on the Kosmo’s Q youtube channel
* What is the meaning behind the brand name ‘Kosmo’s Q
* The Three F’s in life (Family, Finances and Freedom)
* Why you have to make your dreams a reality (or at least try)
* The best gift items on Kosmo’s Q website

Join Ramon Vela and Darian Khosravi, CEO of Kosmo’s Q as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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