“Shoes the way they always should have been” is the idea behind Kizik. In part 1 of this feature, we have Monte Deere, CEO of Kizik, a brand that provides hands-free shoes.

Kizik also has a parent company called HandsFree Labs. At HandsFree Labs, they create technologies that allow a person to step into shoes without using their hands or tying their shoelaces.

Montee had worked in the legal services industry before he got into the business. However, he was fascinated by his friend Mike’s shoe technology and its potential in the multi-billion dollar shoe industry.

In the first half, we discussed the following:

* His gratefulness for Alex, who is the Chief Marketing Officer of the company
* Overview of the parent company HandsFree Labs and Kizik
* What was his motivation for the brand
* His background in the law and service industry
* His wife’s reaction

Join Ramon Vela and Monte Deere as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on Kizik, visit: https://kizik.com/

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