“You’re grateful when you’re doing something you love,” tells Roger. In the first half of this Feature, we have Roger V. Hardy, CEO, and Co-founder of Kits.com, a brand that provides high-quality eyewear at affordable prices.

Roger’s first entrepreneurial job was selling ice cream. But his entrepreneurial journey took off when he built a website and started a company with his sister in 2000. The company grew quickly, but they later sold it. After selling the previous company, they created a small fund investing in real estate and technology.

Focusing on customers and having the right people is necessary for growth. Roger has been hyper-motivated and passionate about his company. He says that it’s essential to keep more control through equity and be careful about debt.

He talks about:

* Focus on gratefulness
* His early career and entrepreneurial journey
* Attributes that helped him to grow
* Lessons for other entrepreneurs
* His advice for handling challenges
* Why he started Kits

Join Ramon Vela and Roger V. Hardy as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on Kits.com, visit: https://www.kits.com/

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