Building something more efficient for the customer. In the second part of this Feature, Roger V. Hardy, CEO, and Co-founder of, continues the story of why he started Kits.

He saw that nobody was serving the modern customer, the customer who is used to ordering from their phone in minutes. That’s why he set out to serve customers with and make things a bit more convenient for people.

The brand wants to take out needless friction for customers. Investing in quality, shipping times, convenience to customers, and extensive contact lens inventories have helped grow Kits. Roger tells about their promotion strategy where the first pair of eyeglasses is free with a coupon code.

He speaks on:

* The Opportunity to Serve Customers
* What Customers are looking for
* The Kits business’s differentiator
* How Kits’ works
* Their own “Gigafactory”
* Where are they going next

Join Ramon Vela and Roger V. Hardy as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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