“Healthier, tastier, and more convenient for parents” that’s how Kidfresh is reinventing kids’ favorite foods. In part 2, Mathias Cohen, Founder of Kidfresh, mentioned their two starting points.

The brand’s nutritional charter was the bible that gave them a clear direction while developing recipes. Kids interact with food differently, so Mathias started from what kids already love, turned them healthier, and kept them delicious. He also worked on making food convenient for parents.

However, he does acknowledge Kidfresh is not a replacement for a homemade meal; instead, it’s an alternative. Parents should understand and be aware that food has an impact on children’s behavior. Chicken nuggets, meatballs, waffles, mac & cheese are their primary products consisting of protein and a blend of vegetables.

He talked about:

* Foundation & Philosophy of brand
* Kidfresh, the alternative
* Their products
* The science around food and children
* New products

Join Ramon Vela and Mathias Cohen as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Kidfresh, Visit: https://www.kidfresh.com/ 

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