“We can bring the vacation to you,” says Kenny Haisfield, Founder of Kenny Flowers. In part 2, Kenny says it’s challenging to commit to a business concept when you are just starting. Figuring out how to do new things is tough.

He spent a year understanding customers, and in this year, production and balancing everything was difficult for him. They design their apparel with customers in mind. Kenny Flowers is 99 percent direct to consumers and has something for both men and women.

Kenny mentions that 2020 was a devastating time, but it helped them to change their perspective. The company moved from apparel just for vacations to apparel that can bring vacations to customers. The Pandemic led them to update their marketing.

He talks about:

* Challenges in early days
* Their website
* A brand that’s around generations to come
* Updating marketing
* Where to get Kenny Flowers
* New categories
* His advice

Join Ramon Vela and Kenny Haisfield as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Kenny Flowers, visit: https://www.kennyflowers.com/

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