Harry says, “I started this company called Ilinel Food Company, which in the Mayan language means the plants that nurture us. I wanted to pay homage to that ancient tradition of food and go going back to Mother Earth, which means going back to fruits, vegetables, and a simpler way of life we had many thousands of years ago. That’s our roots and our mission.”

Today, we interview Harry Lewis, Founder of Ilinel Food Company and the maker of Casa Verde. Casa Verde is your one-stop for nutritious, ready-to-eat authentic plant-based Latin food for every occasion.

We discuss so many topics, including a powerful story of gratefulness, homelessness, breaking-free and following your dreams. founder advice for food & beverage brands, to the health benefits of their products, Casa Verde and others. Topics include:

* His gratefulness for the person who gave him courage to break free
* Overview of the brand, including the roots, meaning of the name, and his mission
* Why he got into food
* Why he wants to represent Latin America culture through food
* His concept of Affordable Wellness and why it’s important
* How is product is shelf stable for 18 months without preservatives
* Why, if everyone eats well, everyone prospers
* Why it’s important to have a diverse team
* Breakdown of the Casa Verde products
* His distribution strategy and availability around the country
* Advice for other Food & Beverage founders
* Why the donate meals
* Why he loves his team

Join Ramon Vela and Harry Lewis as we break down the inside story of Ilinel Food Company, the maker of Casa Verde on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Ilinel Food Company and the maker of Casa Verde, visit: https://eatcasaverde.com/

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