“For many consumers, Humble has become their scent that’s been exciting” says Jeff. In the second half, Jeff Shardell, Founder and CEO of Humble Brands mentions the ingredients as well as their source.

For Humble Brands, getting adoption in retail stores was the biggest challenge aside from production in the company’s early days. Convincing people to join, giving equity, and making them believe in the brand was part of their success.

There’s a transition between when you switch from past toxic deodorants to new or natural ones. According to him, our body knows what’s good and what’s not. Jeff also mentions their discovery kit where people can get their deodorants in travel size and discover what connects with them. The brand has launched lip balm, soaps, and even plans to launch house cleaning products.

He talked about:

* Early challenges
* Lessons on growing organically
* Keeping culture alive
* Production process
* Transitioning period
* Their products
* Product ingredients

Join Ramon Vela and Jeff Shardell as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Humble Brands, visit: https://humblebrands.com/

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