“Awareness leads to information which leads to knowledge,” that’s what Audrey believes. In part 2, Audrey Gruss, Founder & President of Hope Fragrances & Chair of Hope for Depression Research Foundation, continues talking about depression and raises awareness.

She mentions the 10 leading symptoms of depression and the 4 pillars of good mental health. According to Audrey, 50 percent of depressed people don’t go for treatment. Most of them may not even realize that they are depressed.

Audrey wants to help the world suffering from depression and all the related major depressive disorders. She believes people are vulnerable in these difficult times. She advises people to follow a good diet, sleep, exercise, and meditation for mindfulness in life.

She discusses:

* 10 leading symptoms of depression
* Raising awareness
* Suicide and vulnerability of people
* Creativity and depression’s relation
* 4 pillars of good mental health

Join Ramon Vela and Audrey Gruss as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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