There’s “a beauty” to starting a company with one product, says Raoul Benavides, founder of Heart Soul Heat, a brand that makes DTC spicy hot honey.

“The direct-to-consumer space is difficult enough already, and I’m excited that I have the wonderful idea of starting with one product and making the mistakes and watching it grow,” Raoul says.

Right now, that product is an American-made, ghost pepper-infused raw honey.

“I’m not driven by money because I know that money will follow where my happiness is,” Raoul says. “For me, it’s taken me so long to figure out my recipe for happiness. And now that I found it..there are no other gears but my own.”

For Raoul, the arena of e-commerce comes down to two things: creativity and vulnerability. The challenge is: What can you do with what you have?

In Part 1, Raoul talks about:

* Gratefulness for the mentors who have guided him along his path in entrepreneurship.
* Why he’s happy to start his company with just one product.
* How his journey revolves around his happiness and not the money.
* The closer you are to your product, the more vulnerable you are. And that’s a good thing.
* The zen of Walt Whitman’s philosophy of “containing multitudes” – you can be two or three things simultaneously.
* The joy of reinvention and clarity.

Join Ramon Vela and Raoul Benavides as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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