I wanted the forms to be so beautiful, and I wanted the formulas to be clean and vegan, and cruelty-free,” says Terri Bryant, founder of Guide Beauty, talking about her products

In part 2, she talks about the WHO’s mathematical model vs. societal model regarding disability. We also listen to her analyzing the design flaws in the products she cannot use. She also explains the importance of including more people in the design process to foster inclusiveness.

Later, Terri humorously explains the joke regarding applying eyeliner and how her eyeliner applicator makes applying eyeliner easier. No matter what technique someone uses, the products have built-in stability and will work perfectly when applying eyeliner.

She also talks about:

* Inclusive design and societal model of disability
* How her tools help you with applying makeup
* She walks us through her hero product
* Focusing on the form and functionality of her products
* Brief about the design changes and her product’s USP

Join Ramon Vela and Terri Bryant as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Guide Beauty, visit: https://www.guidebeauty.com/

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