There is no later; there’s only now – that’s what Alicia thinks about the path to achieving success. In the second part, Alicia Grande, Founder and CEO of Grande Cosmetics, talks about her experience building the business through trade shows.

She then advised new entrepreneurs to make products that work and be authentic. According to her, being passionate and having grit and patience are essential. She also tells me to never get comfortable just like her.

Alicia continued putting money in marketing even after partnering with big retailers like Sephora and Amazon. She has a background in marketing and has worked as a salesperson before starting Grande Cosmetics. Her brand provides cosmetics that are safe, efficacious, and priced right.

She talked about:

* Trade shows
* Advice for new entrepreneurs
* Why do people repurchase their products
* Getting into Sephora
* Her background
* Products by Grande Cosmetics
* Affiliate program
* Her last advice

Join Ramon Vela and Alicia Grande as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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