You aren’t what you eat, but in reality, you really are. In the second part of this Feature, Joshua Ingraham, founder of Go Buddha, tells us about the positive effects of switching to a more plant-based diet.

Until the recent trend to plant-based diets, the large conglomerates controlled a lot of what we ate. With sugars and fatty foods it’s ingrained into our everyday lives.

This is why Joshua founded Go Buddha. No longer does eating healthy have to a huge investment. With prepped meals shipped to your doorstep within 15 hours, plant-based meals don’t have to be a hassle either.

Not only is it convenient, but Joshua and his team work hard to make their food affordable. Health shouldn’t be exclusive, and neither is Go Buddha.

In Part 2, we hear about Taking the first steps to eat better; The positive effects of a healthier diet; Creating the recipes for Go Buddha; Reinventing an accessible meal service; the brand’s future, and much more.

Join Ramon Vela and Joshua as they breakdown the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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