In the second half of this Feature, we have Shoshauna and Will Routley, Founders of The Functional Beverage Group, continue to discuss how consumers today want convenience and functional products.

Their passion for farming, organic and natural ingredients, and other reasons motivate them to go the extra mile. They also advise other entrepreneurial couples to find their best areas then split tasks accordingly. It’s essential to support one another too.

According to them, a brand should focus on branding and marketing along with production. They mention that it’s hard to bring products to market in the beverage industry.

In part 2, they discuss:

* The trend of functional products among new consumers
* Reasons behind going the extra mile
* Advice for couples and entrepreneurs
* Their formulation service
* Helping other beverage brands grow
* New launches

Join Ramon Vela and Shoshauna, and Will Routley as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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