Providing a high-quality and fresh seafood meal in a tin for consumption at home – that’s the goal of Freshé Meals, says owner and co-founder Henry Lovejoy.

“The majority of Americans eat their seafood when they’re out,” Henry says. “There is a fear factor in the U.S. with cooking fish and how to prepare it. And that’s the solution that we’re trying to bring with Freshé.”

Henry says many vegetarians are adding fish to their diets these days. Freshé offers meals with a more international taste.

“We’ve got recipes from Morocco and Spain and France and Thailand and Italy, so you can go on an adventure as you eat the meals,” he says. “And they’re super portable. They’re an easy-open dinner.”

Freshé Meals are designed to be eaten on the go or at your home office, Henry says.

“Half of the meals eaten in the United States now or eaten on the road and alone, and people are eating five-plus meals a day, smaller meals,” he says. “This fits that format for what people are looking for.”

Henry says his love of seafood and the ocean goes back to his childhood.

“When I was a young boy, I couldn’t wait for Sunday dinner to be over to go watch the Jacques Cousteau special every Sunday night,” he says. “I was inspired by his shows and discovering the oceans are 72 percent of our planet, but we don’t know what’s going on out there or under the surface.”

After college, Henry got involved in the seafood industry, exporting lobster to Europe and Asia. Visiting markets worldwide exposed Henry and his business partner/wife to sustainability issues.

In Part 1, Henry talks about:

* Gratitude toward the marine conversation community for helping to bring sustainable seafood to consumers.
* The trend of adding seafood to the diet.
* The convenience of the brand’s meals include easy to eat while traveling.
* His career journey and how he got involved with seafood sustainability.
* The complexities of the global seafood industry.

Join Ramon Vela and Henry Lovejoy as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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