Ty and Jesse say, “We started with flowers, so we ship flowers nationwide. And, we focus on really the simplicity and the heart behind sending a gift, the gesture of it. We are planning on launching other non-perishable gifting products later this year, which is really exciting. It’s been so fun to see how, how our product resonates with our consumer and really focusing on how can we foster authentic connections and help people feel seen, known, and loved through our products. That’s the mission of it.”

Today we talked with Ty Hiss and Jesse Hiss, Co-founders at Fresh Sends. Fresh Sends is committed to building a go-to gifting brand that delivers products you and your recipient will love with an experience that’s unmatched. They’ve renamed gifting, and it’s called sending.

We discussed topics from becoming entrepreneurs to building a go-to-gifting brand, and the lessons learned along the way. Topics include:

* Their gratefulness towards their family and the support given in their entrepreneurial journey
* Why they started the brand?
* Why the business took off right away
* Why it’s important to them that the brand stands for something
* Lesson #1 – You never know who you meet in college
* Lesson #2 – Don’t get trapped in analysis paralysis
* Their mission of helping people feel seen, heard, and loved
* Why their partnerships are so important to them
* The tremendous opportunity in business-to-business
* Advice for entrepreneurs including play the long game, don’t overthink things, and don’t be afraid to ask for help
* Their goal of buying flowers in 5 clicks or less
* Review of current and future products
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela, Ty Hiss and Jesse Hiss as we break down the inside story of Fresh Sends, on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Fresh Sends, visit: https://freshsends.com/ 

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